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I want to see you living life to the full and flourishing where you are. So whether your goal is to lose some weight, get fitter, get healthier, move easier, or feel better about yourself, I start with where you are and tailor my packages and programs to fit you. This means I offer a complete package to help you meet your goals.

At Mustard Seed Personal Training, I offer excellent programs to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.
From weight training to core training and much more, my training programs are developed to challenge you, strengthen you and get you fitter.

The training can be one-to-one (personal training!), partner, or group and includes a comprehensive health and fitness assessment, regular reviews, monitoring and follow up. All equipment is provided and we will be using mats, dumbbells, and your own body weight, as well as boxing gloves and pads for cardiovascular sessions.

Training can take place at your home or where I'm based in Bognor Regis - at the moment I can offer online training, one-to-one or groups outside.

I am local to to Bognor Regis and offer services in Chichester, some surrounding areas and online.
Call me today on 07766 237 215 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Deciding to make changes is the first step, and remember that exercise is only part of the equation. Looking at other aspects of what impacts on you is also key. That is why I offer Nutrition Coaching as standard alongside the Personal Training.

What is on offer: 
Introductory free consultation 
This is where you tell me where you are at, what has been going on, and what your goals are. You also get to meet me, hear more, and get ready to start this journey!

Basic 4 week program 
Over 4 weeks you would have sessions once, twice or three times a week for either 1/2 hour or 1 hour sessions depending on your goals and what fits for you. Typically a 1/2 hr session will be resistance type training, an hour session a combination of resistance and cardiovascular training and stretching.

Nutrition Coaching 
If you want more help with sorting out your nutrition and identifying what gets in the way then this is a valuable way of addressing just that. Included is a supermarket tour, a food diary and weekly coaching sessions. This can be an add on to the 4 week program.


The question you are now asking is how much does it cost to feel better, have more energy and get healthier?' The easiest way to find out is to contact me, or book in for a free consultation so we can discuss, plan and price your program to fit you.

Don’t be put off if you have: -

- diabetes; - high blood pressure; - osteoporosis; - osteoarthritis; - you are carrying more weight than your body appreciates;

- you haven’t trained for years or ever; - or your body has been around for a few years more than some.

This is what I am fully trained to manage and train, so know that getting in touch could be just the thing you need and I will look after you well!

Qualifications:   EiF Master Trainer, Exercise Specialist, Nutrition Coach and ILM Business certificates, Active IQ Diploma in Personal Training (Level 3), ACSM endorsed Fitness & Nutrition Coach award, Diploma in Therapeutic Massage

My services include:



"Before working with Lucy I had a number of muscular- skeletal aches & pains and to be honest I was treating the symptoms not the causes. My balance was all over the place.
On meeting Lucy I could instantly see she was a straight talking person with a lot of patience and a great sense of fun - so no problems in taking me on as a client.

Lucy pushed me and challenged me to do more and more each session. This was exhausting at times but she always knew how far to take it and I built up a lot of trust and respect for her in this process.

As a result of working with Lucy I have much improved balance and flexibility, I understand how my lifestyle affects my body, my tennis elbow got better quickly and I can run without the debilitating knee pain.

She is a star !"


"I achieved weight loss which was far beyond what I expected and overall felt better in just four weeks. Lucy is very patient and tailored the exercise to my level of fitness and accommodated my pre-existing injuries. Personally my favourite part of the sessions were having her there to push me forward in a safe way whilst she maintained her patience and our sense of humour.
The program, being a multi-targeted approach led to a lifestyle which is much easier to live with, compared to the excessive diet and exercise that I have tried before to reach my weight loss goals.
I would fully recommend Lucy Gardner as a personal trainer and beyond that as a professional who takes an approach covering lifestyle, nutrition and exercise to help her clients achieve their goals. She does this with patience, knowledge and the ability to listen to her clients and their needs.


"The training with Lucy was brilliant, it made me do things I don’t normally do and the training has helped my running! With a bit of nutrition coaching we have made a few changes that have made a big difference. I looked forward to the training as I enjoyed seeing the progress I made, and by the end I could do squats and lunges!"


"Lucy is an enthusiastic and competent trainer. Her program was focused, varied and enjoyable. " 


"Great Trainer!! Very friendly and personable. Pushed me hard, but always encouraging when I got tired."

Find out more by contacting me for a free consultation.
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