Covid-19 update

This is continuing to be an interesting time for everyone.
We are all learning how to keep functioning in this ongoing weird Covid normal that we find ourselves. There isn't a road map, but it is about the next step. What can you do to help you?

As a result of the social restrictions, I am able to offer one-to-one training outside if you bring your own equipment, or I can offer online sessions via Zoom - thank goodness for technology! I am waiting to see what the latest advice will be, but now it looks like I will be able to come into your home and not just be outside..... as you can imagine it also depends on what you are comfortable with as well.

I am now able to offer massage therapy - yey! My massage space is 'covid-safe' and I have a policy in place to make a treatment as safe as possible for hands on treatment for you and for me. This will look different to what it did before, but it is all to minimise the amount of time spent in an enclosed space at less than a 2m distance. Please contact me for further details and see my Coronavirus Policy which I have put on my massage page /mustard-seed-massage

I can offer self care tips and advice over Zoom/video call to keep you functioning!

This seems to be just ongoing doesn't it, despite the restrictions easing. I don't know about you, but I am a bit tired! However life is getting busier, and I'm wondering how your motivation is going? I am here to help get you through. Hopefully as things open up we are beginning to move a bit more as we are not stuck working from home. But don't underestimate the impact on your body of the last year.  Be aware that as you do restart moving your body can object as it is getting stuck in certain patterns, so have a care and if you need any help in keeping your body healthy get in touch.

One thing you can do, is you can keep moving! But what to do especially if you are not a fan of the online generic exercise videos? Or your confidence isn’t as it was and you don’t know where to start; Or you have this niggle and are a bit cautious; This is where I come in!

Get in touch to find out how you can get support in exercising at home. There are ways and means, I can still speak to you on the phone, and we can have a video training session. Even if you don't have any equipment and are stuck inside, it is possible. Equally if you have a tight spot that normally you get massaged to help, get in touch to see how you can do some self-care on those problem areas.

It is so important to stay healthy in both body and mind so moving and self care is vital right now.

Everything that I stand for remains true now - maybe even more so! If you are feeling unsure about where to start, need some help to build your confidence, and your body is feeling a bit tighter than normal, please do get in touch.

You are not alone in this. We are in this together.
Stay safe and well.

For starters check out my video on getting moving gently.

And for those of you sitting a lot more now or working from home, here is one to help your neck, shoulders, back and wrists.